Which False Eyelashes is Better?Silk lashes or Mink Lashes?

As we know that there are several different materials of false eyelashes,and which one is better for our eyes? Plastic lashes are the cheapest, but poor quality – these lashes are coarse, have stubby ends and look obviously unnatural, let alone you will feel heavy and uncomfortable to wear,even hurt you eyes.a small percentage of false eyelashes are made from horsehair or human hair, but now the most common and popular types of false eyelashes are silk eyelashes and mink eyelashes.

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High quality mink eyelashes are made from the soft tail fur of the Siberian or Chinese mink. And the material of real silk eyelashes, are made from the cocoons of the silkworm,Both of these two types of false eyelashes are softer, natural alternatives to acrylic or polyester, but which is best? Below we will tell you the difference, to help you to make your decision.

For comfort, mink lashes are better

Both real mink lashes and real silk lashes are super-light, but mink hair is lighter than silk,You can get a really fluffy eyelash look without feeling like you’re even wearing them.and high quality mink lashes,the materials go through careful treatments, such as cleaning, sterilization. You can not feel any discomfort when you wear them.

For natural look,choose mink lashes

Because both silk lashes and mink lashes are made from natural fibers, they have that wispy, feather-light feeling that synthetic eyelashes simply can’t match. Mink lashes are much closer to the real thing, because they’re matte and taper more at the ends like people’s own eyelashes do.

So,in summary, Both silk lashes and mink can make you brighter and catch people’s eyes, but for comfort and natural look,mink lashes are better choice. Evanna Lashes is one of the best mink lash vendors, we supply various styles of wholesale eyelashes, such as 25mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes,16mm mink lashes. if you are looking for high quality 3d mink lashes,please feel free to contact us.

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How To Find The Right Mink Lashes For Your Eyes?

Choose right mink eyelashes can help you get the longer, fuller eyelashes you always want, but do you know how to find the certain 3d mink lashes? for example choosing a hairstyle to match your face shape, right mink strip lashes can enhance your natural eyes,and even change your eyes shape completely.The best way to choose right mink lashes is Understanding your eye shape,it will help you work out the best make-up to suit your face, but how do we know the shape of our eyes? look at the overall eye and assess its profile in a mirror.

1. Can you see all of the iris (the coloured bit around the pupil) or is part of it obscured by the lid?

2. Think about that if your eyes slant upwards at the sides and how much space rests between them in the middle.

3. Finally, look at the crease of your eyelid and observe if it’s visible with the eyelids open.

It is just the first step to Know your eye shape is, now you need to choose the right mink eyelashes. Evanna Lashes supply hundreds of different styles and sizes of 100% handmade mink eyelashes,you can get the best 3d mink lashes from here:

25mm mink lashes
25mm mink lashes

wholesale eyelashes
20mm mink lashes

3d mink lashes wholesale ES01-2
16mm mink lashes


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Why Choose Us Wholesale Mink Lashes More Than Other Lashes Vendors?

Difference between Evanna Lashes and the ordinary 3d mink lashes.

1 Our lashes are the real 100% luxury mink lashes.
Our luxury are much more fluffy and gorgeous than the ordinary one,and if you apply on , you can’t feel the weight , and very comfortable with a sharpen and vivid appearance.
2 High-tech sterilization Processing
Our products are sterilized and are truly healthy and green, no harm to you eye and skin.

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  1. Our lashes have so many hot sell style
    This is an important test for consumers and the market. Of course, sales and marketing and advertising are also important factors in gaining market ,but the lashes is the basic and the most important factor in your lashes business line (false eyelash vendors).
  2. Features of soft eyelashes
    Our luxury Mink Eyelashes Wholesale are all made by top grade raw material with light wearing and comfortable feeling.
    It can effectively relieve eye fatigue and avoid eye diseases.
    Tell you a easy way to distinguish the difference:
    Put our luxury lashes on your left eye and put on another lashes from the other false eyelash vendors, and feel the light and comfortable, close your eye, and feel them by your hear, open and close your eye to feeling them. You will get the answer.
    By the way, if you want to do this test , please contact Whatsapp:+8617853721982 to get three free lashes sample to test the quality.
false eyelash vendors

Because your sales and marketing strategy is the way to help your customer find you and choose you. You can’t make sure whether they can leave if you sell them with poor lashes and service.
Customer just want to order a good lashes to make a perfect eye makeup. So lashes is the basic factor in your lashes business line. People don’t waste a penny of their spare money on a defective Mink Lashes Wholesale .
On the contrary, no matter how expensive the eyelashes will be the customer will buy them , because the cost of the the luxury one is much more expensive the cheaper one, besides, the style and quality can attract people’s attention.

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Service of customer first
1 If you have cooperated with Evanna Lashes,you will know, yours question is our question, your difficulty is our difficulty.
We will try our best to solve all the questions our distributor met, and help me success.
2 Powerful support
Our design team QC team IT team Sales team and after sale team production team will help you solve the issues you met in your business whole line.
1st if you want to build your website ,our IT team can help you.
2nd if you want to design your logo, our design team will help you .
3rd if you want to design your own lashes in the market ,our design team can help you.
4th if you want to do custom packaging lashes box , our production team will produce for you when they receive the drawing.

false eyelash vendors

Therefore, our old customers give us a high evaluation and praise.
If you cooperate with us, we will do more than your false eyelash vendors, you will find we are your partner your comrades and support friend to make we both make profits in the business line.
If you want the best luxury mink eyelashes with competitive wholesale price, please give us a chance to cooperate with you , you will find all is deserve the price.
When you met issues, you can ask our professional salesman , and we will try our best help you solve them no matter you cooperate with us or not.
More cooperation please add Whatsapp:+8617853721982 , thank you.

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How To Find Mink Eyelash Vendor Wholesale Mink Lashes?

If you want start lashes business , first of all, congratulations you making the right decision, because the Lashes Business is very hot in the world with promising market. And the ladies love the 3D Mink Lashes very much, there’s a huge market in the eye makeup u are right.

Mink Eyelashes Vendors

1.Where To Find Mink Eyelashes Vendors?
Excellent Eyelash Wholesaler and mink lashes Manufacturer must be in China. Because China is the orginal of the 3D Mink Eyelash in the world. There are many 3D Mink Lashes Vendor and Mink Eyelash Wholesale Factories Mink Eyelashes Vendors in Qingdao.
False mink strip lashes have a long history and mature technology in China. Compared to the other countries, Chinese Eyelashes are more quality-assured.
So if you want to find your Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendors you should know which style of Mink Lashes Wholesale do you want to buy.

Mink Eyelashes Vendors

2.How do you find your fit products and your target customers?
Maybe you have already have your target customers when you decide to do lashes business.
If you’re a makeup artist. Then your market must have something to do with weddings and fashion. Then you have the responsibility to lead the fashion and bring the Real 3D Mink Lashes to your customer and Eyelash Market.

If you are a student, the your target customer may be your schoolmate . so they might like Dramatic Lashes and 25 MM Mink Lashes and Natural Mink Lashes .

Mink Eyelashes Vendors

The first thing you should think the students’ consumption level and purchasing power. Man be you could order some Faux Mink Lashes and Fiber Lashes or Plastic Lashes to satisfy your students’ market.
If you are a housewife , and you just want to Start Your Own Lash Business Line, you can easily open a store at home. And just join in Evanna Lashes ,and add Whatsapp:+8617853721982 to get help , and we will help you choose your domain and build your website, design your logo and professional Custom Packaging Eyelash Box also we will supply you the best and hottest fashion Mink 3D Eyelash in the world .

Mink Eyelashes Vendors

Of course, if you have a store, you should clearly know what your customer would like and which style do they love? Be sure to pay close attention to your sales data and the quantity of the customer complaints.
If your sales are down , quickly find the reason and fix it. There are mainly two reasons you met, the first one is that your style goes out of fashions. The second one is that your Lashes are bad lashes . what’s worse, the customer will ask you to make a claim if there is a quality problem.
So what should you do is to maintain your brand.

Mink Eyelashes Vendors

3.After you confirm your style and orientation. The next thing is to send the information to your Wholesale Mink Eyelash Manufacturer. They will find the exact style to you.
So choosing a good supplier is very important. But how to distinguish the best Lashes Vendor and Bad Lashes Vendor, you can read the post we have already sent. And you can also add Whatsapp:+8617853721982 to get help.
When they confirm your style , they will send your sample to check the style and quality.
More details welcome add Whatsapp:+8617853721982 to get more info.

Mink Eyelashes Vendors
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If you’ve been doing any kind of research into false mink eyelashes, you’ve probably come across a few types of falsies out there. There’s a plethora of options to choose from – eyelash extensions, luxurious mink lashes, faux mink lashes, or even silk lashes from eyelash vendors, mink lashes manufacturers and mink eyelash vendor,lash vendor mink lashes wholesale extensions lash vendors.

lash vendor mink lashes

But how do you know which ones are the most natural looking or comfortable, or better yet, works with your eyes, and your budget?
Well, fret not! We’re here to help guide you through this maze of lash lingo and cut through the hype, so you understand what the REAL differences are, and find you the perfect pair that you’ll be truly happy with!

lash vendor mink lashes

Let’s start with Silk Lashes shall we?
First thing’s first, while some brands market their silk lashes as 100% silk lashes, they are a synthetic based silk fibre, not actually real silk, as real silk is quite a soft material and won’t be able to hold its shape and curl. Depending on whether this is important to you, you’ll want to do some research to find out what kind of synthetic fibre the lash brand is actually using.

lash vendor mink lashes

“Silk” lashes are a newer type of lashes that have come out in recent years, that’s finer and more natural looking than the traditional faux mink eyelashes. Although sometimes, it seems the terms are used interchangeably, and look wise, they could be quite similar.
Silk MINK lashes are not made with real silk, they’re made with a synthetic material
Are they reusable?
Yup! 3D Silk lashes can be reused multiple wears with proper care. While we can’t promise a number, the general rule of thumb (with any falsies), is to always dab some makeup remover and run it along the lash band until the glue dissolves, then continue to remove any remnants of the glue to keep them going strong.

lash vendor mink lashes

What’s the difference between silk lashes vs faux mink lashes?
It depends on the lash brand. The main difference depends on the brand and their construction process. You’ll notice with some silk lashes that they may have higher and a more noticeable sheen. Other than that, they are fairly comparable in terms of look and feel, it depends on personal preference.

More importantly, if you want to add volume to your lashes while looking natural, we recommend finding the right style, length, and pattern that fits your unique eye type, as there may only be minor differences between Silk vs Faux Mink lashes.
How much do silk lashes cost?
Prices for a pair of silk lashes can range around $2-5 USD depending on the brand.
How do they look?
Here’s how some silk lashes look:

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Evanna lashes is the professional mink eyelash vendors, we do the best quality 3d mink lashes,16mm lashes ,20mm mink lashes ,and 25mm lashes,25mm mink strip lashes. In order to make your eyelashes expensive, we will also provide customized eyelash packaging boxes. Eyelash packaging boxes of various materials and styles。

Your eye makeup is popping and your eyeliner flick is sharp, but you’re missing a pair of thick, fluttery and fluffy strip lashes to finish off the glam look!

mink eyelash vendors

Lashes are the perfect finishing touch, and are known to accentuate the eyes and give us that all-important confidence boost when we leave the house! Whether you want to add some drama to your makeup look before heading out, or just simply looking to boost your natural lashes with some thick volume and impressive length. Our luxury 3D mink lashes are the choice for you! We have a wide range of lash styles to choose from to suit all kinds of preferences.

mink eyelash vendors

The 20mm mink lashes and Lash range of faux mink lashes consist of thick, fluffy and ultra-glam, fluttery lashes. The best news yet? Our vegan cruelty-free lashes are super soft and offer premium quality without the premium price.

Our mink lashes are a huge hit amongst many makeup artists around the UK! We are dedicated to providing you with affordable lashes but not compromising on quality. Just gorgeous lashes that are suited to any occasion! They represent fantastic value for money and offer optimal comfort as a lightweight and go-to set of lashes.

mink eyelash vendors

Whether you’re a lash pro or just getting started, our lashes are particularly easy to apply. We have years of experience in the makeup and beauty industry, and just as much experience in applying lashes. If you need some help, take a look at our guide on how to apply your mink lashes… You’ll be a lash pro, in no time!

At Evanna lashes, we know how important it is to look after your mink eyelashes, to ensure maximum long-lasting wear. To be able to properly care for your lashes, you’ll need to be able to know how to apply them and remove them properly to ensure the quality isn’t compromised.

mink eyelash vendors

Eyelash vendors and wholesale mink lashes,Evanna lashes is one of the biggest eyelash vendors and eyelash manufacturer in the world. Evanna Lashes also is one of the most professional wholesale 3D mink eyelash vendors and lash vendors.We produce various styles of the best quality lashes in bulk,wholesale lashes vendors such as 25mm Mink Lashes,20mm Mink Lashes,16mm Mink Lashes and peripheral products, such as custom eyelash packaging,custom eyelash cases and eyelash tweezers,Glue.All of our Mink Lashes are cruelty-free and 100% pure handmade.

mink eyelash vendors

When you take the extra care to wash and store your mink lashes, they can last up to 25 wears due to the high quality. Not only does this mean you’ll get to wear your favourite lashes over and over, but you also save money as well! To give you a helping hand, we’ve listed some top tips to look after your mink lashes!

mink eyelash vendors

As professional eyelash vendors,Evanna Lashes has a professional 3D mink lashes design team,we supply a variety of wholesale mink lashes you can imagine,we are also the best mink eyelash vendors and eyelash manufacturer usa,we are one of the biggest wholesale mink lash vendors in usa.(mink strip eyelash vendors wholesale usa)

As well as 3D mink lashes, we also stock a large range of wispy 5D mink lashes. If you can’t decide between 3D or 5D, take a look at our full collection.

mink eyelash vendors

Looking to stock up your Evanna Lashes ? Take a look at our Lash Stand, which is perfect for any MUA or lash lover!

We know that the lash glue you apply your mink lashes with is down to personal preference, so please note that our lashes are not provided with a lash adhesive glue.

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About 25MM Mink Lashes

25MM Lashes is very popular in the Wholesale Mink Eyelash USA market( wholesale lash vendors ), 25mm mink eyelash, are very popular in USA. And girls love them very much, and 25MM lashes are our hot products , and we are the first Lashes Factory invent the 25MM Lashes.
First,What is the MM?
Mm means millimeter, and usually the length of the eyelash is 16-20 millimeter , and that belongs Natural Lashes .

wholesale lash vendors

wholesale lash vendors wholeslae 25mm mink lashes

This type of Eyelash belongs to short hair, especially suitable for workplace and formal occasions. So working women love 16-20mm natural lashes very much.s

In order to display the charming and personality of the lovely woman , we push out 25mm mink eyelash , and 25mm is not each hair’s length is 25 millimeters and that would be so dull and lifeless.

And the exact length is the distance between the top of the mink fur to the lashes band. And we did the calculation by straightening the eyelashes mink fur.

wholesale lash vendors

So the 25 MM Mink Lashes are so long and fluffy with charming appearance.

Second,if u want start lashes bussines how to do?
If you want to start your own lashes business , Evanna Lashes will be you first choice and we are the Best Luxury Lashes Wholesale Vendor vendors for lashes and we will help you design your logo , build your website , make your Custom Packaging Eyelash Boxes and help your open your market with our 25MM Luxury Lashes .

wholesale lash vendors

Third,About Our 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes all is 100% Real Mink Full Strip Mink Lashes.
Our 25mm Lashes In Store and 25mm Lashes Fast Shipping , you can receive the 25mm lashes within 2-3 business days after the payment. And we are the fastest Lashes Wholesale Vendor who provide this service.

wholesale lash vendors

If you are searching for 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors, you can add whatsapp008617853721982. to get more information.

We will give you competitive 25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale price for you.

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Why Wholeslae Mink Lashes From Us?

If you are search a new wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor in a new year to provide you top grade luxury Mink Lashes and service, you are very lucky meet Evanna Lashes.

As one of the best Lash Vendor in China, we focus on Top grade luxury Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA. Supply 25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale, and 20mm 3D mink Lashes and 16mm mink eyelashes with competitive wholesale price.

wholesale mink lashes vendors

How Many Hairs Do Your Mink Strip Eyelash Have?
Why so many people choose Evanna Lashes ?
First The advantage of Evanna Lashes.
All the lashes are designed and produced by ourselves, we are a design and manufacturing Mink Lashes Supplier wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor in China. We can supply too many styles Mink Lashes Wholesale in the market with high quality. Also we can lead the lashes fashion, because we have our own design team.

wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor

Second We deliver the goods on time.
All the lashes are in stock, and we are very confident with our Mink Lash Wholesale, and all of our luxury lashes are all in short supply.

In order to satisfy the market , we have to produce the lashes day and night to ensure timely delivery of orders to our customers.

wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor

Then Strict QC
All of our regular customer know that we have three strict QC progress to ensure the quality of your luxury mink eyelashes( wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor ).

And our QC team have rich quality testing experience and advanced testing tools , so anything about the quality of our Wholesale Mink Lashes, just let us know and our after sale service team will help you solve all questions you met with the help of our QC team.

wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor
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How to start an eyelash business use litter money?

How to start lashes bussines easy? Let me learn togther.If you want start your 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale business line, or you want to know How does it cost to start a lash company, and Evanna Lashes will teach you use the best ways to start your Lashes Wholesale business line with little budget and find your best Eyelashes Vendor .

Well ,before the business line you should know how much do you have , or you want to spend on the business line? and what you wanan?and how to find the Resources?

So different budget different scheme.

If I have 100 USD can I start my business line ? Yes!you can

If I have 200 USD can I start my business line ? Yes !you can

eyelash vendor

Find The Best Lashes Eyelash Vendors.

The first step is to choose your Eyelashes Vendor and choose the best Lashes Wholesale in the market.
You should know which style is the hot style 3D Mink Lashes in the market. and you should begin with the hot style and they can easily be sold out and you will get your money back in a short time.

So the 3D Mink Lashes is the most popular lashes in the market , and you should begin with Mink Lashes or False Mink Lashes to sell, because they are the Luxury Lashes, which is fluffy and vivid, soft and comfortable.

There are16MM Natural 3 D Mink Lashes ,20MM 3D Mink Lashes and 25MM Mink Eyelashes Wholesale in the market, and you should know your market , which style do they love , so you should buy what the customer love.

If you have no idea about which style you should buy, I suggest you begin with each style to test the market , because different customer different taste.

When you got the point , you will know which style is the hot Mink Lashes wholesale, and you can make a perfect order when you make the next order.

wholesale mink lashes

Second, Calculation Your Mink Lashes Cost.

When you make the decision to buy Mink Eyelashes Wholesale , you should tell your Mink Lashes Vendor your budget, and they will give the Lashes catalogue to you and they will check the detail cost for you.
Usually 13-18mm Natural 3d mink Eyelashes cost 3.3-3.8 USD according to the quality and style, and 20mm 3d mink lashes cost 3.8-4.2 USD each pairs and 25mm mink eyelashes cost 4-4.5 USD, and this is the first step if you do Lashes Wholesale with small order, and much cheaper the detail price, and if you make a Mink Eyelashes Bulk Orders , you will check with your Lashes Vendor and to get a good competitive wholesale price.

Attention, if your Eyelashes Vendor said they have MOQ limit, and you have to change a new one , because you just start a lashes business line ,and you can buy Lashes Bulk Orders at the first order, and you can buy too much lashes on hand, and first order is just a test in your market .

Custom eyelash package and mink lashes

Third ,Calculation Eyelash Box Cost.

You have two choice to choose your Lashes Box.

The first one, you can do regular box .

Each Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor have this general box in stock, and you can buy them directly, what’s more it is much cheaper than custom package box. And you can order them right now.

And if you have your logo and brand name, you can also put on your logo label on the tray with little money.

If you have a big budget , you should do Eyelash Custom Package to build your eyelash brand.

And if you do your Lashes Custom Packaging you should begin with 50 or 100 boxes, and you can make a bulk order, you can also order 30 boxes from Evanna Lashes, so you should have your own logo and brand name before you do your Eyelash Custom Box.

Custom eyelash packaging

If you don’t have your Eyelash Logo, you can add Whatsapp:+8617853721982 to get your free logo , and our designer will design for you just free if you choose Evanna Lashes to be your Wholesale 25MM Mink Lashes Vendors. We will help you start your lashes business line step by step, and we will do more than you imagine.

So if you choose regular box that will be 0.5 USD to 1.88 USD according to the box you choose and the more you order the cheaper they will be.

If you do Custom Lashes Box, that will be much more expensive than regular box, and that will be 1.5 USD to 2.5 USD according to your craft and quantity.

Custom eyelash packaging

Fourth, Calculation the shipping cost.

Shipping cost is calculated according to weight and volume. And after the purchase , you Wholesale Eyelashes Vendors will calculate your shipping cost for you , and usually your Lashes Vendor have no profits from the shipping cost ,and they have budget from the express company. so you shouldn’t pay for the cost by your account.

Usually if you order 05KG, that will be 20-25 USD, according to the weight and volume. And if you order 1KG,that will be 30-35 USD, and you can ask the detail shipping cost from your Lash Vendor .

Of course, the more you order, the cheap each lashes will be, if you order 10 pairs, you should pay shipping cost 30USD, and if you order 20 pairs, they still need 30 USD, you you should buy more lashes if the shipping cost is the same to save each cost of your Eyelashes Vendor .

Clear eyelash package with private label logo

Final, Calculation Cost of Website.

If you want to build your lashes brand , you should have your website, and we also can build website for you ,and if you cooperate with us we will provide your High quality photo for you to build your website together.

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Wholesale Mink Lashes 20MM 3D Mink Lashes

More and more people would like to wholesale mink lashes 20mm 3d mink lashes instead of 25MM 3D Mink Eyelash, and Natural Mink Lashes from eyelash vendors, and why so many people would like to purchase 20MM Mink Lashes?

First ,what is 20mm 3d mink lashes.

The longest length of the 20mm mink eyelashes fur is 20mm long. And not each single mink hair is 20mm long. And to make a perfect 3D effect , some mink hairs is short than 20mm mink eyelash vendors.

wholesale mink lashes

Wholesale mink lashes 20mm mink lashes

Second, why 20mm mink eyelash becomes more and more popular?

From the beginning, most people would like to choose 13-18mm Natural Mink Lashes, and they have to choose this kind of Mink Lashes , because there are not any 20mm Mink Eyelash and 25mm lashes.

In the year of 2019, 25mm 3D Mink Lashes is the most popular style in the market, because of the long dramatic is long with a gorgeous appearance , and they becomes the hot one.

And some of the customer would said, they just like a spider on the eye. So they would like to choose 20MM Mink Lash.

Luxury mink lashes 20mm mink lashes

Wholesale mink lashes suppliers eyelash vendors

Third, the price of 20mm mink eyelashes.

The price of 20mm 3d mink lashes is much cheaper than 25mm mink lash and higher than natural mink lashes, and the wholesale price is 3 to 6 USD according to your quantity and style. And if you make a bulk orders , that will be much cheaper than long dramatic lashes and they are Affordable Mink Lashes. And most girl would like to buy this kind of lashes with reasonable price cheap mink lashes bulk.

wholeslae 3d mink lasehs vendor Evanna lashes help you start your lash brand business line with 25mm lashes and lashes 20 mm
wholeslae 3d mink lasehs vendor Evanna lashes help you start your lash brand business line with 25mm mink eyelash and lashes 20 mm 3d mink strip lashes wholesale

eyelash vendors 20mm mink lashes

wholesale lashes vendor 20mm mink lashes

Forth , how many kinds do you have ?

There are too many style in the market , and you should choose the best quality mink lashes to sell , and do not by the cheaper one, if you make a purchase you should make a sample order first to test the quality and then make a wholesale eyelashes mink lashes order.

And Evanna Lashes just focus on the luxury mink lashes , and each one are the popular one , and you can add whatsapp:+8617853721982 to get the affordable luxury 20mm mink lashes.

Buy mink lashes wholesale

Buy mink lashes wholesale 3d 20mm mink lashes

Fifth, where to buy 20 mm mink lashes ?

You can buy them by your Mink eyelash Vendors, and each wholesale mink Lashes Vendor will supply you 20MM Mink Lashes , and you should ask for the catalogue first ,and they choose the one you like and the most popular style, if you trust the quality , you can buy them directly from your wholesale vendor.

And if you give us a chance, we will supply top grade luxury mink lashes to you, and you will open your local market by our luxury mink lashes.

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Lashes Vendor

If you are finding your Lashes Vendor, you can’t miss Evanna Lashes , and today we will show you the importance of the Lashes vendors.

1 what is lashes vendor ?

Lashes Vendors is the one who do Lashes business with customer , they supply lashes in the market with wholesale price or retail price.

There are three type lashes vendor in the market.

eyelash vendors

The first one is lashes manufacturer.

They produce lashes by themself, and they have own Eyelash Manufacturer.

If you cooperate with them , you can get a good wholesale price if you make a bulk order .

The second type is lashes trading company.

They buy Mink Lashes Bulk Order from the Lashes Factory with a competitive wholesale price. And then then sold to the lashes distributor. They often do B2B business with Lashes Wholesaler with low price and low MOQ.

The third type is lashes distributor.

They do B2C business with retail price .

They buy their lashes from the lashes factory or lashes trading company , and then sold to the customer.

25mm mink lashes wholesale

2 where to find eyelash vendors?

As we said , there are three type vendors in the market. And you can find them easily.

If you want to find lashes vendor who provide wholesale price. You should choose lashes manufacturer or lashes trading company.

So you can buy lashes with competitive wholesale price, and get too much profits from the lashes business.

And if you want to purchase top grade luxury lashes, you should buy mink lashes , and all the lashes manfacturers are in developing country.

Some lashes are made by machine , low price ,low quality.

Best lashes are made by hand, made of real mink fur. Soft, fluffy, With a good appearance, vivid and gorgeous.

Most of the lashes factory are in China. If you want to find lashes factory , you can’t miss China.

There are so many factory in the city of Qingdao, the birth place of lashes.

If you just want to buy Lashes Vendors USA, you can buy from USA lashes vendor directly. They select the lashes from the China Lashes Vendor, you can buy lashes from them easily.

And if you want to know more about the secret of lashes industry, you can add  Whatsapp:+8617853721982   to get more info.

mink lashes manufacturers

3 How to choose lashes vendor?

There are so many lashes vendor in the market, and if you do business with them , you should pay attention to many factors not just the price.

1 The quality of lashes.

This is the first thing you should choose.

Best lashes is the best brand if you do mink lashes in the market. They can easily sold out and get your money back , and they will bring more and more customer to your business line.

So if you want to know more about how to test the quality of mink lashes . Emma lashes will help you step by step. And you can also directly add  Whatsapp:+8617853721982  to get the professional skills.

25mm mink lashes vendor wholesale mink lashes

2 The style of lashes

As you know, you can find too many style lashes in the market, and you can easily get the lashes catalog from the mink lashes vendor in the market.

But you should know which style is the best seller, and if they are the popular one, or the hot sale one ?

Do your customer love them ?

The best style should be tested from the market. They should be fashion, beautiful, and tested by the market.

So you should choose the style of the lashes according to the market instead of what you like .

3 Best service.

No matter you buy or not, you should choose the one who can provide you best lashes and skills service.

Some one will not answer you back if you do not buy lashes from them if you just ask them skill questions.

A good lashes vendor should be a guider, and tell you what you can do , and what you can’t do .

A good eyelashes vendors also do what you need instead of what your ask them do , they should do everything they can do for you . And help you open the market with top grade luxury mink lashes and service.

So if your sales are following down, you should pay attention to your lashes , service, and lashes vendor, and your sale strategy.

A good lashes vendor should be your partner, your friend, and your fighter.

4 Do custom lashes for you.

This is very important for you to test the lashes factor if they are professional lashes factory.

Most of the lashes factor buy semi-finished product from North Korea, and they can’t design and do mink eyelash strips.

And if you want to build your lashes brand, you should do your own lashes style , so you will be unique in the market.

Never copy the others. You should be you with professional lashes and unique style and top service.

5 Do eyelash custom packaging box for you.

Most lashes vendor said they can do custom eyelash packaging for you but they can’t do that according to you idea.

What they can do is just put your logo one the box. That’s it.

But we can do custom packaging box according to your idea , any shape, any idea, any color we can do for you and produce for you with patience and heart.

Custom eyelash packaging

Not every mink lashes vendor can do this job for you.

The most important, we have low MOQ limit, we just help our customer test the market with low MOQ and little money.

But some lash vender, they just can’t do this job for you.

Our own designer are all skills designer, they do great job for our customer with patience and enthusiasm.

More information and skills welcome add Whatsapp:+8617853721982, we will help you open your market with our luxury mink lashes.

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The Best Tricks for Perfect Eyelashes

Every lady wants to boost fabulous eyelashes and looks for clever tricks how to achieve that gorgeous look. The best option, of course, is if you manage to do it without too much efforts. It is possible if you opt for 25mm mink lashes strips as they can give you both length and volume that can last for months if properly maintained.

If you are not ready for this move yet, however, we have a few clever tricks for you that can make your eyelashes look great. There are several tips on how to treat your natural lashes and how to apply false ones in order to achieve better results. Follow them and you will have the fabulous look you have always wanted.

Tricks for having longer and fuller real 3d mink lashes wholesale
If you want your natural eyelashes look great, there are a few easy tricks that can help you achieve greater length and volume without much efforts. Here are a few ones:

25mm mink lashes wholesale

For more volume
If you want to add volume to your eyelashes, there are a few hacks that can help you with that. One of the options is to use liquid concealer as a lash primer. Use a small brush to coat your 25mm 3d mink lashes and let it dry before you apply mascara. Another very popular option is to apply baby powder between the coats of your mascara. Put on mascara, then add baby powder for more volume and put another coat of mascara. This method is quite efficient, however, it may be hard to conceal the traces of white powder. Hence, there is a better option – use matte powder eyeshadow. It is better to opt for the same nuance as your mascara but you can also apply a shimmery shade between the layers for a sparkling effect.

best lash vendor 25mm mink lashes

For more curly 25mm mink eyelashes
Heat your curler if you want to achieve a better result. You can use your blow-dryer to make it warm enough but be careful not to burn yourself. The effect will be the same as curling your hair with a curling iron. Another way is to put the curling part in a glass of hot water. This method poses less danger of burning yourself than the blow-dryer, while the result is the same. It is also good to put some lash primer prior to curling your 3d mink strip lashes wholesale. Don’t forget that you should never curl your lashes while you have mascara on them as you can break and damage them.

25mm mink lashes wholesale

For easier removal of mascara
We are all fond of water-proof mascara but we know how difficult it is to remove it. Therefore, you need to apply first a coat of regular mascara and then the water-proof mascara on top of it. Thus, you will achieve the desired effect and also remove it easier.

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What About 3D Mink Lashes

3D Mink lashes are some of the newest mink lashes on the market and are the recent craze, for good reason. 3d lashes are very pretty and luxurious, they are different from the standard false ” Lashes” or “fiber lashes” in the way they are made and how they look. The design is different, just as 3D is defined; “3D means three-dimensional giving them fuzzy layered ends and they do not lay flat. 3D mink lash are desired more because Mink holds the curl better than standard false lashes on the market, so the 3D technique looks more attractive on mink lashes. You can tell the difference from 3D strip lashes and other false lashes.

3d mink lashes wholesale

When 3D faux Mink lashes first came on the market they were very expensive and celebrities mainly wore them, Jennifer Lopez was one of the first celebrities to be seen with them on, and everyone raved about them. Nowadays you can get 3D Mink eyelashes at a more affordable price.

3D lashes have a somewhat “layered” and dimensional effect, the lashes are combined with different sizes in length, mixing short and long lashes giving the lashes a layered effect and a more voluminous, fluffy look are you can see in the above pictures. These lashes are more noticeable and more natural looking. 3D mink lashes overall tend to be more glamorous and more prettier.

best eyelash vendor wholeslae 3d mink lashes

ABOUT Evanna LASHES: Evanna Lashes is an industry leader in false lashes, we provide lashes to many celebrities and Makeup artists. We sell Mink and Silk lashes. Our lashes are premium any length mink strip eyelashes that are 100% authentic and made with a unique technique using a soft cotton elastic band for comfort. They are feather soft and lightweight and come in many different 3D styles.

For more information or to wholesale mink lashes please visit:

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Mink Lashes are usually made up of natural mink fur which has been taken during the shedding season, and no harm or cruelty is done to the animals. Best eyelash vendor The Mink fur is then sterilized to ensure that it is hypo-allergenic. Unlike synthetic lashes, 100% natural mink fur is free from any chemical processing and dye which allows for an extremely soft, lightweight, and a more natural look.

Custom eyelash package boxes

With the popularity of false lashes, many types of lashes are available from eyelash vendor. Synthetic lashes are common and less expensive, but Mink lashes are on the rise and becoming very popular because Mink lashes are very light-weight and comfortable to wear because the fibres are softer and lighter, they also naturally have a beautiful curl making them look very natural and luxurious.

wholesale mink lashes 20mm mink lashes

Mink lashes come in many different styles and lengths just like synthetic lashes, but mink lashes last longer than synthetic lashes, getting up to 24 wears opposed to 4-6 wears that many synthetic lashes last for. The most luxurious mink lash style is the dimensional lashes which are 3D because the lashes do not lay flat, they are dimensional making there ends fuzzy, layered and wispy.

customized eyelash packaging clear case


Authentic mink fur usually has not been chemically processed or dyed so the color is a natural black-dark brown. Mink lashes are not glossy or as shiny as synthetic lashes, giving a more natural look.

new style eyelash packaging


Everyone can wear mink lashes, unless you are allergic to mink. If you can wear false synthetic lashes then most likely you can wear mink lashes.

best eyelash vendors wholeslae mink lashes


Yes, because mink is real hair it can be curled just like your own lashes. Mink lashes shouldn’t get wet because they will lose their curl and form.

luxury mink lashes

At one time authentic wholesale mink lashes were very expensive and usually worn only by celebrities but now you can buy Mink lashes at reasonable prices in many different styles.
For more information or to wholesale mink lashes please visit:

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Wholesae Mink Lashes

Wholesale mink Eyelashes
Evanna Lashes is one of the largest eyelash vendors in China. Our eyelash business is mainly divided into sales of eyelash samples and wholesale mink lashes

wholesale mink lashes 25mm lashes

We do n’t need too many eyelashes for wholesale mink eyelashes. The minimum order is 50 pairs. You can choose one style or you can mix the eyelash styles. As long as you order more than 50 pairs, we will give you the best wholesale mink lashes. Discount prices for eyelashes, and free packaging.

wholesale mink eyelashes

If you want to wholesale mink eyelashes but don’t want to customize eyelash packaging box, do n’t worry at all, we have 4 style free eyelash boxes, with marble pattern, rainbow color, hot rose gold color and our baby pink color Card box, you can choose, you can mix and match or just one color, so my dear we will be your best choice, if you want to find a best eyelash vendor, wholesale mink lashes or want to order eyelash samples Please contact us

best lash vendors wholesale 25mm mink lashes

I hope this article is helpful to you.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message, we will try our best to help every customer

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Types of False Mink Lashes

Wholesale mink lashes now is so easy for everyone , but which style to choose ? Which style is hot sell ?
Now, you can break down false mink lash styles in many ways – strip lashes, individual lashes, cluster lashes – the list goes on. However, because we offer a variety of strip lashes, we thought why not break down our categories a little more, so that when you go to buy your next pair, you know exactly what you’re getting.

wholesale mink lashes the 25mm mink lashes best style

So, without further ado, let’s get on into it.

At any given time you might see the categories on our site switch up, but for the most part, we like to keep everything pretty streamlined in that we separate thicker wholesale lashes from more natural styles, and so on and so forth.

Luxury mink lashes 25mm lashes

As mentioned earlier, we also offer half, three-quarter and bottom wholesale mink lashes vendors but since we already have dedicated posts on those topics, we thought we’d leave them out of this one. So let’s start with natural lashes.

wholesale lash vendors 25mm lashes

Natural Lashes
Natural lashes are just that, natural. Basically, they throw the idea that fake lashes actually look fake out the damn window. Perfect for beginners and lash pros alike, they’re lightweight, comfortable and go on like a dream. Our current faves include Enchanting, Sweet Talker and Butterfly.

Natural Lashes style wholesale mink lashes

Classic Glamour
These bad boys are for when you’re looking for the perfect lash to complement your sharper than sharp winged liner or your traditional smokey eye. Lengthening and volumizing, without taking away from your eye look, these mink lashes wholesale vendors are the perfect way to add a little glamour without going over the top. They include our wispy Desire lashes, our ever-popular lashes and our gorgeous wholesale mink lashes – to name a few.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging and mink lashes

Wedding Lashes
These have been designed to accentuate any look – without taking away from the look itself. Perfect for brides (and grooms!) these are often wispier and more piece-y. Take our Brunette lashes for example, they use delicate clusters to give your eyes a gentle sparkle. Our Vixen lashes are fluttery and delicate and blend naturally into your own lashes. If you want something a little fuller on your special day then 3d mink eyelash vendors are a great medium-length option that are dense at the base but flare out with wispy tips.

wholesale mink lashes 25mm lashes

Maybe not your most traditional wedding look, but hey, each to their own! Regardless, noone can deny how stunning 3d mink lashes looks in our Brunette lashes!

Lengthening Lashes
Again, pretty self explanatory. Rather than adding volume and thickness, these lashes add length. Including styles such as Sexy AF, I Woke Up Like This and Flirt (among many others) they’re mink eyelash vendors wholesale that give your natural lashes a realistic, elongated look.

We hope that we’ve covered all our bases and that you found this post helpful! To check out all of our categories (including ones for festival season – hellooooo summer!) pop on over to our home page. And, if you have any suggestions about what posts you’d like to see on our blog, be sure to leave us a comment over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Until next time!

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What Are Mink Strip Lashes?

How to wholesale mink lashes ? And why to wholesale mink lashes?

3d Mink lashes are natural fur that is obtained from minks, usually Siberian mink or Chinese mink. The tails of the animals are gently brushed to collect the fur, which is properly sterilized and cleaned afterwards to guarantee the high quality of the extensions and to reduce the possibility of an allergy to a minimum. The animals are not harmed in any way during the procedure.



Because mink strip eyelash are made from natural fur, they have a natural quality that cannot be matched to the synthetic materials. Often, people may not recognize that you are wearing mink strip lash and confuse them with your own lashes.

best lash vendors wholesale mink lashes

best lash vendors wholesale mink lashes

And the 3d mink lashes price is cheaper, mink eyelashes are preferred by users and recommended by lash experts because of their high quality and natural look.sooo many people like this mink strip lashes
and if u interesting please contact us and wholesale mink lashes

 best wholesale eyelash vendors

best wholesale eyelash vendors

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How to choose wholesale mink lashes?(Series two)

The production methods of wholesale mink lashes

There are three different production methods of wholesale mink lashes,It leads to the differences in hand feeling,texture and comfort level.

A. Totally handmade wholesale mink lashes

As the name implies,this mink lashes are totally handmade,each process is done by people, the mink hairs are glued together carefully.mink lashes produced in this method are of the best quality and comfort level.But it require experienced and skilled eyelashes workers.Only a few company use totally handmade method to produce mink lashes,such as Evanna Lashes ,all of the 3d mink lashes are totally handmade with best quality materials,you can get various styles of wholesale mink lashes and custom eyelash packaging with the best prices.

B. Semi-handmade wholesale mink lashes

The first several processes of semi-handmade are performed by machine,only the last two steps are finished by hand,using this method to make mink lashes is fast,but the curl and comfort level are not as good as totally handmade wholesale mink lashes.

C. Machine-made wholesale mink lashes

Many false eyelashes company claim their products are totally handmade,but it is not true,in fact,only one step is finished by hand,and the other steps are finished by machine,this mink lashes are cheap,high output,but the styles look like artificial,and the comfort level is bad.

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How to choose wholesale mink lashes?(Series one)

Every lady wants to have a pair of thick,long and curled eyelashes, Considering the health risk of eyelashes extension,High quality wholesale mink lashes is a better choice,However, there are various styles,lengths and materials of mink lashes in the market, so,how can we choose the most suitable mink lashes? After our detailed instruction,you can make the best decision.

First,the material of false eyelashes are many and varied,more common materials are artificial fiber eyelashes,silk lashes,mink lashes.

A.Artificial fiber eyelashes

Artificial fiber eyelashes are the cheapest false eyelashes because of the materials and production method,but it feel hard in texture,and the weight is greater than the other false eyelashes.

B.Silk lashes

Silk lashes are made by handmade and machine,the advantages of this kind eyelashes are hardly distortion,and comparatively light,arranged in neat rows,however,Silk lashes do not curl much,the styles are little,and easily cause sensitive skin reactions,pose a threat to eyes.

C.Mink lashes

Mink lashes,the raw materials are Siberian Mink hairs,more similar to real human eyelashes,so it does not cause any health concern to eyes,and it is soft and feels natural,surface gloss is the best. Evanna Lashes is a professional 3d mink lash vendors and manufacturer,they supply various styles of high quality 25mm mink lashes,20mm mink lashes,16mm mink lashes,and they also make custom eyelash packaging with the best prices.

In the next article(Series Two),we will introduce the production methods of wholesale mink lashes.

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Tip Of False Mink Eyelashes

Best mink eyelash vendors can provide the best serives

Evanna lashes as the good mink eyelash vendors for the world,so our False eyelashes are divided into European and American and Japanese. The characteristics of European and American are concentration.They are suitable for girls with prominent eye contours or those who want to create stage effects. The Japanese are actually produced in Taiwan, and the effect is more natural.It is suitable for oriental eyes.

mink eyelash vendors

mink eyelash vendors wholesale 25mm mink lashes

How is the false mink eyelash most natural?
First put your own mink strip eyelashes from the roots with the eyelash curler to the ideal curl, then put on the false eyelashes, and apply the mascara together with the real eyelashes. If you need to use it multiple times, you can first apply mascara on your eyelashes. Before the mascara is completely dry, stick the false eyelashes and stick the true and false eyelashes with your fingers.

mink eyelash vendors

Tips of false eyelashes-1
How is the false eyelash most natural?
First put your own eyelashes from the roots with the eyelash curler to the ideal curl, then put on the false eyelashes, and apply the mascara together with the real eyelashes. If you need to use it multiple times, you can first apply mascara on your eyelashes. Before the mascara is completely dry, stick the false eyelashes and stick the true and false eyelashes with your fingers.

wholesale lashes 25mm lashes

Tips of false eyelashes-2
How to unload false eyelash makeup will not loosen the eyelids?

If you have more makeup, it will cause damage to your face. Before you remove the false eyelashes, you must first use a special makeup remover to dissolve the glue, and you can’t tear it hard.

mink lashes wholesale vendors

mink lashes wholesale vendors do the 25mm lashes bussines

Although the false eyelashes are delicate and delicate, they are very fragile, so be careful when using them. When you take it out of the box, you can’t force it to pull it hard. You should use your finger to gently remove it in the direction of the eyelashes. When you remove it from the eyelids, you should pinch the middle of the false eyelashes and pull it down, should not pull two or three hairs down. The used false eyelashes should be thoroughly removed from the adhesive and neatly packed into the box. Be careful not to stick eye shadow powder, mascara, etc. on the false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain and destroy the false eyelashes.

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