How to choose an eyelash vendor?

How to choose an eyelash vendor?
We have so many ways to choose a wholesale eyelash vendor, today I will show you two quick ways to choose an eyelash vendor. Not only can you save time, but you can also find the right lash vendors for you.

The first method is still eyelash samples.
You can only judge if you have received an eyelash sample.
Never just look at mink lash sites, you should decide for yourself.
Only see a sample of luxury mink lashes, feel real mink lashes, put them on your eyes, and test the softness of the straps before bulk ordering.
Everyone says they are the best mink eyelashes vendors on the market and no one wants to tell you the truth about eyelashes.
Also, the best quality is always the most important thing for an eyelash dealer, most lash vendors will charge you for it, we don’t, we put so much time and effort into producing luxury eyelashes, we want more and More people wear the best mink lashes, so we have a low price sample policy.
If you want to get free eyelash samples to test the quality and style, you can contact us to get the best mink eyelashes samples.

eyelashes vendor wholesale
eyelashes vendor wholesale

eyelashes vendor wholesale 25mm mink lashes

Second, customer service.
You should know what your mink lashes vendors can do for you, and what you need.
In fact, your eyelash factory can do a lot for you to help you get more profit from your line of business.

1 Customized lashes for you.
Most wholesale mink lash vendors can’t do this for you because they are not eyelash factories, they are just trading companies, so you should choose eyelash factories to get cheap eyelash wholesale prices. And if you want your own eyelash style, the eyelash factory can also customize your exclusive mink eyelashes.

2 Customized eyelash packaging for you.
Most US eyelash manufacturers just don’t do custom lash packaging for you because the after sales service is not a factory, and some US eyelash wholesale vendors don’t offer you this service because they don’t have a design team and an eyelash packaging factory.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging
wholesale custom eyelash packaging

wholesale custom eyelash packaging with logo

3 After-sale service
You should know the after sales service offered by your 3d mink eyelashes supplier, different eyelash wholesale vendor have different after sales services. Some mink lash vendors don’t even have this service
4 Return Policy.
What should you do if you don’t like the lashes or the style is not what you want to order?
What if your lashes and custom box are destroyed by courier?
You may encounter too many things about products, traffic.
So you need to know the return policy, if you find a good eyelash vendor, you don’t need to know too much about the policy, they will solve all the problems you have in the market.
For more practical skills, please add whatsapp to get more professional information.

mink lash vendors wholesale
mink lash vendors wholesale

mink lashes wholesale vendors

Third, choose the best mink eyelashes and cheap mink eyelashes vendors.
Yes, it is difficult for you to choose the right lash vendors mink in the market.
As you know, if you choose the best mink lashes, it will cost too much.
If you order cheap mink lashes, you will lose your lash customers.
What should you do to choose high quality luxury eyelashes at affordable wholesale prices?
Nothing more than testing.
You should test at least three eyelash suppliers and choose a better one.
If you want to have the best mink eyelashes supplier at cheap price, you can add whatsapp and it will share you the best eyelash wholesale vendors list, you don’t have to waste much time and effort to find your eyelashes vendor wholesale.

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