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Eyelash Washing Machine—The best way to clear 3d mink lashes. Eyelash Washing Machine should let every beautiful girl know this.Because every one all want to know how to clean their eyelashes with proper way? and we have told them with warm water and then put into the water And put on the cleaning agent. But that is not a efficient way, so today the best mink lashes vendor Evanna Lashes would bring Eyelash Washing Machine to you.

Eyelash Washer Machine

First , what is eyelash washing machine?
The eyelash washing machine is also called Electric Mini Washing Machine which is a toy tools for child . And we use it to clean our luxury mink lashes. When you put into the water, and turn on the switch, it works just like the real one. And when you finish the work , you can turn off the switch, and let the water out. you can use this clear u beautiful mink lashes, u also can let u chird play. this is a best eyelash washing machine,and this also is the best toy tool.

Eyelash Washer Machine

Second , the material of the Eyelash Washer Machine.
Our lashes washing machine is made of acrylic and plastic materials.

The body of the washing machine is made of plastic, and the lid of the washing machine is made of acrylic, which looks much better and gorgeous than the others.

Third, the heart of the eyelashes cleaner .
You should choose a powerful machine with little noise.After you have cleaned your eyelashes, you can also take out the internal organs of the eyelash cleaning machine to clean, in order to ensure that the machine is always clean

eyelash washing machine

Most eyelashes washing machine is normal toy tools. And we just use the good machine to drive the water in order to clean the eyelashes.

So if you want to purchase lash washing machine, you should make a sample order first . compered , and then make a correct order.

Fourth , the size of the eyelashes washing machine.
There are two size eyelashes washing machine in the market.

The bigger one is 11.2cm11.2cm8.2cm , and the smaller one is 7.2cm7.2cm11.2cm.
I think not need the big one.And a small eyelash cleaning machine is enough, just cleaning one or two pairs of eyelashes, does not need a large area, and a small area will save a lot of money. Will save a lot of freight

eyelash washing machine

Fifth ,the color of the eyelash electric mini washing machine.
There are too many color for you to choose, but you should choose the most popular one in the market. So that it takes you very little time to sell them out and you can easily get your money back.

Time is money.

Sixth, the weight of the lashes washing machine.
The bigger one is 150g and the small one is 100g, so if you make bulk orders , Evanna Lashes suggest you purchase the smaller one in order to save shipping cost.

eyelash washing machine

Seventh , the price of the eyelashes washing machine.
The wholesale price depends on the quantity you order, usually from 2 USD to 4.5 USD according to your quantity and style.

if you wanna know more u can add my Whatsapp:+8617853721982 we can talk about the detial , and we i also can send u different video to you.

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