Eyelash Vendors 16MM Mink Eyelash Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

This is the display area for Evanna Lashes 16mm lashes and wholesale 16mm mink eyelashes. When buying a product, many people care about the quality, style and price of the product. Here, I will show you a catalog of all eyelashes and mink eyelashes, you can choose the style you like, we provide eyelash sample orders and eyelash wholesale business

3d mink lashes wholesale 16mm mink lashes
3d mink lashes wholesale 16mm mink lashes

We also accept customized wholesale 16mm lashes, Evanna mink eyelash vendors manufacturer, which was established in 2012. We are not only a long-established lash vendor, but also the best mink eyelash wholesale.

You can choose your favorite eyelash price and custom eyelash packaging box from the eyelash vendors, or you can go to our eyelash shop to choose your favorite wholesale mink eyelash packaging style. When you choose, you can pay us through paypal: jimqiqi@163.com, and leave us a message, our mink wholesale lash vendors will deliver the goods within 24 hours.

16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES01
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES02
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES03
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES04
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES05
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES06
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES07
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES08
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES09
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES10
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES11
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES12
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES13
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES13
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES14
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES14
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES15
16MM Mink Lashes Wholesale ES15

Catalog Click Here>>>16MM Mink Eyelashes

When you choose the 16mm mink false eyelashes you need, please add $25 for shipping to the total price, which will be the final price you order for 16mm mink eyelashes.

Evanna Lashes is the best Chinese brand of luxury wholesale mink eyelashes (3d mink eyelashes,16mm mink lashes wholesale) in China. I am glad that you can come to us, and I am glad that you can see our mink eyelashes.

Here, you can choose your favorite 3d mink eyelash vendors, of course, you can also send us your favorite mink eyelash custom style, we can customize it according to your preferences, dear, please contact us as soon as possible We contact.

16mm mink lashes wholesale

Ok. The real conversation is here.
This is not the first time I have bought 3D Mink eyelashes. I don’t know what will happen, but here:
The fur is soft, guys. Like, I have to stop myself from touching my eyelashes because they are so soft and crazy!
The band is very thick. The first time I wore them, I encountered difficulties, but then I became restless and wrapped them around a makeup brush to make them more curved and work perfectly! ! !

16mm mink lashes wholeslae customer review
mink lashes wholesale customer feedback
16mm mink eyelashes wholesale feedback

Maybe it was not too rigid before, but I do know that, after I apply them again, it’s like a whole new world. They are very comfortable.
I will buy wholesale 16mm mink eyelashes again. I gave it 4.5 stars just because I had difficulties with the band, but once I figure it out, everything will go smoothly.

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