How to do custom eyelash packaging & wholesale mink eyelashes?

How to do custom eyelash packaging for wholesale mink eyelashes?
If you have enough budget and want to get more regular customers, you should consider making custom eyelash packaging to build your brand.
So today I will tell you to make your custom eyelash packaging box step by step.

First, make a logo.
Your logo is your sales philosophy, purpose and soul.

Before establishing your eyelash brand, you really should have one.

customize your own eyelash box
customize your own eyelash box

Second, choose the color according to your logo.
You can choose the color you like and use it for your custom packaging box. This looks very professional.

Third, select the style box you like.
You should ask your eyelash vendors for the entire box catalog, and choose your favorite style or draw a drawing to your lash vendors, and they will complete the design work for you.

Please note that some lash vendors will charge you. If you want to design for free, please contact me and our designers will design for you for free.

mink lash vendors custom lash packaging
mink lash vendors custom lash packaging
  1. Where can I buy cheap wholesale mink eyelashes?
    If you want to buy competitive cheap wholesale mink lashes in the market, you should find your mink eyelash wholesaler, your mink eyelash vendors should be an eyelash factory that produces wholesale mink lashes by yourself.

There are two mink lash vendors on the market:

The first one is a trading company

And they buy large products from eyelash factories at low prices and sell them at high prices. It is difficult for you to distinguish, so if you want to sell at a good price, you should ask for large products. In addition, some eyelash suppliers have higher MOQ restrictions.

cheap custom eyelash boxes
cheap custom eyelash boxes

The second is an eyelash manufacturer.
Yes, you can buy bulk orders from an eyelash factory at a competitive low price. To be honest, most mink eyelash vendors cannot produce eyelashes by themselves. They buy semi-finished products from North Korea, which are machine-made.
Therefore, if you want to wholesale real mink eyelashes from the top five mink lash vendors, please contact us and we will send you a list of lash vendors for free.

wholesale mink lashes vendors
wholesale mink lashes vendors
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