The Best Tricks for Perfect Eyelashes

Every lady wants to boost fabulous eyelashes and looks for clever tricks how to achieve that gorgeous look. The best option, of course, is if you manage to do it without too much efforts. It is possible if you opt for 25mm mink lashes strips as they can give you both length and volume that can last for months if properly maintained.

If you are not ready for this move yet, however, we have a few clever tricks for you that can make your eyelashes look great. There are several tips on how to treat your natural lashes and how to apply false ones in order to achieve better results. Follow them and you will have the fabulous look you have always wanted.

Tricks for having longer and fuller real 3d mink lashes wholesale
If you want your natural eyelashes look great, there are a few easy tricks that can help you achieve greater length and volume without much efforts. Here are a few ones:

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For more volume
If you want to add volume to your eyelashes, there are a few hacks that can help you with that. One of the options is to use liquid concealer as a lash primer. Use a small brush to coat your 25mm 3d mink lashes and let it dry before you apply mascara. Another very popular option is to apply baby powder between the coats of your mascara. Put on mascara, then add baby powder for more volume and put another coat of mascara. This method is quite efficient, however, it may be hard to conceal the traces of white powder. Hence, there is a better option – use matte powder eyeshadow. It is better to opt for the same nuance as your mascara but you can also apply a shimmery shade between the layers for a sparkling effect.

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For more curly 25mm mink eyelashes
Heat your curler if you want to achieve a better result. You can use your blow-dryer to make it warm enough but be careful not to burn yourself. The effect will be the same as curling your hair with a curling iron. Another way is to put the curling part in a glass of hot water. This method poses less danger of burning yourself than the blow-dryer, while the result is the same. It is also good to put some lash primer prior to curling your 3d mink strip lashes wholesale. Don’t forget that you should never curl your lashes while you have mascara on them as you can break and damage them.

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For easier removal of mascara
We are all fond of water-proof mascara but we know how difficult it is to remove it. Therefore, you need to apply first a coat of regular mascara and then the water-proof mascara on top of it. Thus, you will achieve the desired effect and also remove it easier.

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