The Most Popular 25 MM Mink Eyelash Style

The Most Popular 25 MM Mink Eyelash Style

Evanna lashes is the best eyelash vendors. We have the best mink eyelashes, the most fashionable customer eyelash package boxes, the most advanced technology, regular updates of eyelashes style and customer eyelash packaging box.

At present, the most popular is 25mm mink eyelashes. Our eyelashes are hand-made and cruel. Our eyelashes are collected from Siberian minks when they lose their hair. There is no harm to them.

The following eyelash style is our most popular 25mm eyelash style, if you like, please contact us to order.

We will be the best eyelash vendors and the most suitable lash vendors. We provide sample service and wholesale mink lashes service. Looking forward to our more long-term cooperation.

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