What You Know About Wholesale Mink Lashes?

Questions to know before wholesale mink lashes
Wholesale mink lashes are very important to us, and choosing to become an eyelash vendor is also the key.

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Several questions to ask before ordering mink lashes

  1. Do you have your own eyelash factory?
  2. Will the 3d mink eyelash style be updated regularly?
  3. Is there a fixed delivery date for wholesale mink eyelashes orders?
  4. How long does it take to transport the goods?
  5. If the quality of eyelashes is wrong, what is the specific return policy?
  6. Whether to accept the sample test.
  7. If you confirm the samples, what discounts are there when ordering large quantities the wholesale mink lashes order?
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If you have a good understanding of these eyelashes, you will find that wholesale eyelashes are no longer a headache.

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