Who produces custom eyelash packaging is best?

Who produces custom eyelash boxes?
If you want to build your mink lashes brand, you make need to do Custom Eyelash Boxes to show your brand strength to your customers.

As we said, the Custom Eyelash Packaging is very important to your mink lashes business line, so most Lashes Distributors design and produce their own Wholesale Custom Eyelash Boxes.

So first of all, you should find your own Custom Eyelash Boxes Vendor, who can design your eyelash packaging according to you ideas at a cheap wholesale price.

So today, Evanna Lashes will show you all the Custom Eyelash Boxes Manufacturers to you.
You will find your own professional Eyelash Packaging Vendors easily.

wholesale eyelash packaging box
wholesale eyelash packaging box

There are main two eyelash packaging vendors in the market you can choose:

First, Lashes Packaging Factory.
This is an easy and professional ways if you can find your lashes packaging factory, but it is very difficulty.

All the custom eyelash boxes manufacturer they do not do international business line, few vendors, for us , Evanna Lashes, we have own own international designer department and trading department.

Second, Mink Lashes Vendor.
All of the Mink Lashes Vendors can design and produce the mink lashes packaging for you, if you order them together with your Wholesale mink Lashes, you will get a discount if you order your mink lashes together.

If your mink lashes vendor said they can’t design for you, they may not have the design team, they just the Lashes Factory, so they can’t design eyelash packaging for you, if you want to design your mink lashes packaging, you can ask Evanna Lashes for help, we can help you design your custom eyelash packaging free.

cheap eyelash packaging box
cheap eyelash packaging box

Anything about your mink lashes or eyelash packaging just feel free contact us, we are available for you by WhatsApp 24H service.

We are expert of the lashes industrial, we only focus on the best luxury mink lashes and eyelash packaging.

So we can solve all the issues you met in the mink lashes business line.

What is custom eyelash boxes?
That is the box with your brand name and logo. Yep, that’s right, but no correct.

A professional custom eyelash box contains the logo, brand name, the color of the box, the style of the packaging, the shape, the pattern,

the material and the slogan, the information.

The professional custom eyelash boxes can promote your mink lashes business line,

and it usually takes 10 business days to finish the production after the design work.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging
wholesale custom eyelash packaging

If you want to make a professional custom eyelash boxes, you should find a professional Custom Eyelash Manufacturer.

How to make a custom eyelash box?
Most of your wholesale lashes vendor would say that is very easy to design your custom eyelash boxes.

Please give me your love, and I will add it to the surface of the packaging. Yes , and this is the easy way to produce the lashes packaging.

And today Evanna Lashes will share the professional ways to make custom eyelash boxes step by step. Wholesale Lashes

First, Make your lashes logo.
If you have no ideas about how to design an amazing eyelash logo, I suggest you find your designer by Fiverr,

custom packaging boxes wholesale
custom packaging boxes wholesale

there are too many professional lashes logo designers help you design your logo, and that will cost 30 USD to 60 USD.

Usually it will takes one or two days, you will receive your Lashes Logo. You can give all your ideas to your designer, such as color, pattern, shape.etc.

Second, choose the color of your eyelash packaging.
Most lashes vendor just send their lashes packaging box to you, and you can only choose the eyelash packaging from the eyelash packaging catalog,

you can not change anything.

So if your logo are the black, you can choose the red packaging or the white packaging according to the other color of your logo,

but if your lashes vendor don’t have these two color you have too give it up. Mink Eyelash

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box
wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

The best way is that you send your color to your lashes vendor,and the designer will design the exact color for you ,and they will print for you.

That will takes 7-10 business days to finish this order,

and if you want to produce the lashes packaging within 5 days, you have to choose the printing ways.

Third, add pattern of your box.
There are two patter you should add, the first one is the outer of the box, and the other one is the inner one.

You can add any pattern you like on the surface of the box to match your logo.

custom eyelash packaging box
custom eyelash packaging box

All you want to add you should match your lashes logo, this is the basic rules if you want to make a professional lashes packaging.

Fourth, choose the shape of the lash packaging.
There are too many shape lashes packaging in the market, you should choose the one you like,

and then your lashes vendor designer will design the sketch for you to make sure the exact effect you want to design.

cheap custom eyelash boxes
cheap custom eyelash boxes
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