Why choose eyelash glue pen is important?

What is wholesale lash glue?
Eyelash glue pen is that we put black or transparent eyelash glue into a pen, so that when girls apply eyelashes, they can easily apply adhesive eyeliner, just like writing on the eye skin with a pen. Long lasting, waterproof, easy to apply, can’t put too much glue.

wholesale lash glue from eyelash glue pen vendors
wholesale lash glue from eyelash glue pen vendors

Wholesale eyelash glue eyeliner
At the same time, if you choose black eyelash glue pen, it can also replace eyeliner, so we also call these 2 in 1 lash glue peneyelash glue eyeliner.

adhesive eyeliner
adhesive eyeliner

How much is an eyeliner glue?
Wholesale prices vary from $2 to $4 depending on your quantity, you will save a lot if you order in bulk,

best  eyelash glue pen vendor
best eyelash glue pen vendor

If you buy them from Amazon, they will cost $10. As we all know, eyelash glue is generally $5, if you buy eyeliner, the wholesale lash glue price is $2 to $4,
Therefore, it is a good choice to buy eyelash glue eyeliner to apply on the eyelashes.

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