How to choose wholesale mink lashes?(Series two)

The production methods of wholesale mink lashes

There are three different production methods of wholesale mink lashes,It leads to the differences in hand feeling,texture and comfort level.

A. Totally handmade wholesale mink lashes

As the name implies,this mink lashes are totally handmade,each process is done by people, the mink hairs are glued together carefully.mink lashes produced in this method are of the best quality and comfort level.But it require experienced and skilled eyelashes workers.Only a few company use totally handmade method to produce mink lashes,such as Evanna Lashes ,all of the 3d mink lashes are totally handmade with best quality materials,you can get various styles of wholesale mink lashes and custom eyelash packaging with the best prices.

B. Semi-handmade wholesale mink lashes

The first several processes of semi-handmade are performed by machine,only the last two steps are finished by hand,using this method to make mink lashes is fast,but the curl and comfort level are not as good as totally handmade wholesale mink lashes.

C. Machine-made wholesale mink lashes

Many false eyelashes company claim their products are totally handmade,but it is not true,in fact,only one step is finished by hand,and the other steps are finished by machine,this mink lashes are cheap,high output,but the styles look like artificial,and the comfort level is bad.

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How to choose wholesale mink lashes?(Series one)

Every lady wants to have a pair of thick,long and curled eyelashes, Considering the health risk of eyelashes extension,High quality wholesale mink lashes is a better choice,However, there are various styles,lengths and materials of mink lashes in the market, so,how can we choose the most suitable mink lashes? After our detailed instruction,you can make the best decision.

First,the material of false eyelashes are many and varied,more common materials are artificial fiber eyelashes,silk lashes,mink lashes.

A.Artificial fiber eyelashes

Artificial fiber eyelashes are the cheapest false eyelashes because of the materials and production method,but it feel hard in texture,and the weight is greater than the other false eyelashes.

B.Silk lashes

Silk lashes are made by handmade and machine,the advantages of this kind eyelashes are hardly distortion,and comparatively light,arranged in neat rows,however,Silk lashes do not curl much,the styles are little,and easily cause sensitive skin reactions,pose a threat to eyes.

C.Mink lashes

Mink lashes,the raw materials are Siberian Mink hairs,more similar to real human eyelashes,so it does not cause any health concern to eyes,and it is soft and feels natural,surface gloss is the best. Evanna Lashes is a professional 3d mink lash vendors and manufacturer,they supply various styles of high quality 25mm mink lashes,20mm mink lashes,16mm mink lashes,and they also make custom eyelash packaging with the best prices.

In the next article(Series Two),we will introduce the production methods of wholesale mink lashes.

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How to choose qualified eyelash vendors?

As we know that there are thousands of eyelash vendors on the internet,and they provide numerous kinds of mink lashes,such as 25mm mink lashes,5d mink lashes,16mm mink lashes,3d mink lashes,natural mink lashes,so,how can we choose the best eyelash vendors?

A. Qualified eyelash vendors should have high-quality raw materials of Mink Lashes

Some eyelash vendors use inferior mink hair even other animals hair instead of high-quality mink hair to save cost.and the bad materials cause great harm to health, they are not sterilised properly and easily cause allergic reactions.Evanna Lashes has our own mink farm,we can get the best tail part of mink hair,and all of the mink hair will be disinfected and sterilized strictly before being made into Mink Lashes.

B. Qualified eyelash vendors should have various styles of Mink Lashes

Many small eyelash vendors only have a few styles of mink lashes,because they do not have their own factory and designers.Evanna Lashes has a professional design team,we supply a variety of mink lashes,and we have five styles of mink lashes,such as 5d mink lashes,25mm mink lashes,3d mink lashes,16mm mink lashes and natural mink lashes.And we also accept custom-made eyelash packaging,you can send your logo to us,our designers will make the logo on the eyelash packaging that you need.

C. Qualified eyelash vendors should have more competitive price of Mink Lashes

As we mentioned before,many eyelash vendors do not have their own factory and designers,they need to purchase mink lashes from other mink lashes factories,so their prices are much higher than us. Evanna Lashes has our own Mink Lashes factory,so that the price you receive will be much better than any other suppliers.and we can also give you a discount depend on the quantity you purchase.

D. Qualified eyelash vendors should have Fastest and Safest Delivery Service

Many eyelash vendors only have a small stock of mink lashes,sometimes they can not deliver the mink lashes in time,especially during the peak season.Evanna Lashes send thousands of Mink Lashes to our clients all over the world every day,we have adequate stocks of all styles of mink lashes, once you place an order,we can send the mink lashes to you within two days by FedEx or other express delivery companies(such as DHL,UPS).

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How to remove mink lashes correctly?

Step 1.soak cotton stick with some makeup remover,close your eyes,then gently apply from mink lashes root to tip.

Step 2.soak cosmetic cotton with some makeup remover,then cover and dissolve the mascara on the mink lashes,to separate the mink lashes from your eyes.

Step 3.pull the mink lashes with your hand gently,the mink lashes will be removed completely.

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How to wear mink lashes correctly?

Step 1.clamp the edges of the mink lashes with our eyelashes tweezers,then tweeze the untidy hairs.

Step 2.cut away excess mink lashes cotton band to fit your eyes.

Step 3.Gum up: To apply glue at the base of mink lashes cotton band,neither too much nor too little.

Step 4.wear the mink lashes from the center when the glue is half-dry.then fix both sides

Step 5.use eyelash curler to make the mink lashes curl.

Step 6.brush your mink lashes with mascara once again.

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