How To Start The Mink bussines (About 20MM Mink Lashes)?

How To Start The Mink bussines (About 20MM Mink Lashes)?
Best Lashes Vendors of 20mm mink lashes

(Why is Evanna Lashes 20mm mink lashes is best for you?)
Evanna eyelashes 20mm mink eyelashes are very popular. This market is not yet saturated. There is no price competition. Can be sold without a discount. The suggested retail price is US$10-12. For e-commerce traders, starting bundled transactions is a very good style! !

20mm mink lashes wholesale
20mm mink lashes wholesale with custom eyelash packaging

This 20mm mink eyelashes are made of mink fur, and the false mink eyelashes are curved and bright.

Evanna eyelashes are heated to physically correct the curvature of the mink. The 20mm mink eyelashes are handmade, and the hair is naturally curved, and the bending time is long.

Evanna lashes provides logo design and logo stickers for e-commerce customers. The design time is short and the use time is long. Regarding logo stickers, we can provide free stickers for every customer.

wholesale 20mm mink lashes
wholesale 20mm mink lashes with eyelash package

The price of 20mm mink lashes wholesale for Evanna eyelashes is very low. The cost of eyelashes + eyelash packaging + logo + transportation to the United States does not exceed US$6, which can achieve 100% mink lashes profit.

Evanna eyelashes 20mm mink strip eyelashes are the core technology of eyelash bending. Check out our false eyelashes. Some of them begin to curve from the eyelashes to the tip of the false eyelashes. These are fluffy, natural, very fashionable and very popular.

best 3d mink lash vendors 20mm mink lashes
best 3d mink lash vendors 20mm mink lashes

Compared with our 20mm lashes and other long eyelashes on the market, you will find that their eyelashes are hard and dark in color (the curved eyelashes made of chemical materials can cause damage to the eyelashes).
The bend is small, the stem is thick, and it is not easy to wear.

20mm mink eyelash vendors
20mm mink eyelash vendors

Order wholesale 20mm mink lash vendors for Evanna eyelashes, we provide low-priced 20mm mink eyelashes, fast and low-cost eyelash packaging, high-quality eyelashes, and high retail prices. They are indeed cost-effective styles and are your best Best choice to start the eyelash line! ! ! If you don’t know how to start the eyelash production line, you are welcome to contact me, my dear, I will help you have high-quality mink eyelashes and help you find the best quality mink eyelashes. and we are the lashes vendors we will do best for u dear

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