About Eyelash vendor

1 what is eyelash vendor ?
Lashes Vendor is the one who do Lashes business with customer , they supply lashes in the market with wholesale price or retail price.

There are three type mink eyelash vendor in the market.

The first one is lashes manufacturer.
They produce lashes by themself, and they have own Eyelash Factory.

If you cooperate with them , you can get a good wholesale price if you make a bulk order wholesale mink lashes .

wholesale custom-made mink eyelashes
wholesale custom-made mink eyelashes

The second type is lashes trading company.
They buy Mink Lashes Bulk Order from the Lashes Factory with a competitive wholesale price. And then then sold to the lashes distributor. They often do B2B business with Lashes Wholesaler with low price and low MOQ.

The third type is lashes distributor.

They do B2C business with retail price .

They buy their lashes from the lashes factory or lashes trading company , and then sold to the customer.

china handmade mink eyelashes factory
china handmade mink eyelashes factory

2 where to find eyelash vendor?
As we said , there are three type vendors in the market. And you can find them easily.

If you want to find lashes vendor who provide wholesale price. You should choose lashes manufacturer or lashes trading company.

So you can buy lashes with competitive wholesale price, and get too much profits from the lashes business.

And if you want to purchase top grade luxury lashes, you should buy mink lashes , and all the lashes factory are in developing country.

Some lashes are made by machine , low price ,low quality.

private label 3d mink lashes factory
private label 3d mink lashes factory

Best lashes are made by hand, made of real mink fur. Soft, fluffy, With a good appearance, vivid and gorgeous.

Most of the lashes factory are in China. If you want to find lashes factory , you can’t miss China.

There are so many factory in the city of Qingdao, the birth place of lashes.

If you just want to buy Lashes Vendors USA, you can buy from USA lashes vendor directly. They select the lashes from the China Lashes Vendor, you can buy lashes from them easily.

hand make mink eyelashes manufacturers
hand make mink eyelashes manufacturers

And if you want to know more about the secret of lashes industry, you can add whatsapp:+8617853721982 to get more info.

3 How to choose lashes vendor?
There are so many lashes vendor in the market, and if you do business with them , you should pay attention to many factors not just the price.

1 The quality of lashes.
This is the first thing you should choose.

Best lashes is the best brand if you do mink lashes in the market. They can easily sold out and get your money back , and they will bring more and more customer to your business line.

customized professinal mink eyelashes
customized professinal mink eyelashes

So if you want to know more about how to test the quality of mink lashes . Emma lashes will help you step by step. And you can also directly add whatsapp:+8617853721982 to get the professional skills.

2 The style of lashes
As you know, you can find too many style lashes in the market, and you can easily get the lashes catalog from the mink lashes vendor in the market.

But you should know which style is the best seller, and if they are the popular one, or the hot sale one ?

Do your customer love them ?

The best style should be tested from the market. They should be fashion, beautiful, and tested by the market.

So you should choose the style of the lashes according to the market instead of what you like .

3d mink individual lashes wholesale
3d mink individual lashes wholesale

3 Best service.
No matter you buy or not, you should choose the one who can provide you best lashes and skills service.

Some one will not answer you back if you do not buy lashes from them if you just ask them skill questions.

A good lashes vendor should be a guider, and tell you what you can do , and what you can’t do .

A good eyelashes vendors also do what you need instead of what your ask them do , they should do everything they can do for you . And help you open the market with top grade luxury mink lashes and service.

wholesale individual mink lashes
wholesale individual mink lashes

So if your sales are following down, you should pay attention to your lashes , service, and lashes vendor, and your sale strategy.

A good lashes vendor should be your partner, your friend, and your fighter.

4 Do custom lashes for you.
This is very important for you to test the lashes factor if they are professional lashes factory.

Most of the lashes factor buy semi-finished product from North Korea, and they can’t design and do mink lashes .

cruelty free mink eyelashes manufacturers
cruelty free mink eyelashes manufacturers

And if you want to build your lashes brand, you should do your own lashes style , so you will be unique in the market.

Never copy the others. You should be you with professional lashes and unique style and top service.

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