Why do more and more people choose mink eyelashes?

Why do more and more people choose mink eyelashes?

1 What are mink eyelashes?
Mink eyelashes are made of mink skin, soft, fluffy and beautiful eyelashes. There is absolutely no behavior that harms animals. All our mink fur is naturally shed and collected.

And 3D mink eyelashes are very popular in the market, they can match your eyes well, lively and blend with your own eyelashes. There are different styles that can be worn in any place.

If you are a professional lash vendors , you must provide customers with “best mink” eyelashes. If you are an eye makeup artist, you can’t miss the best “personal mink”.

eyelash vendors wholesale mink lashes
eyelash vendors wholesale mink lashes

Today, Evanna Lashes will show you mink eyelashes,

2 Classification of 3d mink lashes
There are many types of mink strip eyelashes on the market, which will be broken down for you now. We will eradicate the length and style of eyelashes.

The length of the first 3d mink eyelashes
Our eyelashes have 16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes.
The needs of different eyelashes are also different. Every length is ok for daily wear, but if you are attending a party, you can recommend 25mm mink lashes, which will make you very eye-catching. If you wear it at work, it is recommended Choose 16mm eyelashes,

wholesale mink lash vendors
wholesale mink lash vendors

And all our styles have been tested by the market, so you can sell them out in a short time. They are the best mink eyelashes on the market.

Second, classify according to the price of eyelashes
One, cheap eyelashes
You may find three prices in the market. One is cheap mink eyelashes. If you wholesale and wholesale mink eyelashes in bulk, it will be much cheaper than the retail price. You should not buy cheap mink and bad eyelashes. , You can’t sell them in a short time, besides, they are poor eyelashes, your customers will not buy eyelashes from you again, and eventually you will lose them.

Second, affordable mink eyelashes

The price is not cheap, nor expensive. You should first check the quality. If you find a good wholesale eyelash vendors, the quality is high. This type of eyelashes may not be a poor eyelash, and most people want to buy it. They do have a huge market. Therefore, you can order in bulk.

wholesale mink eyelashes wholesale eyelash vendors
wholesale mink eyelashes wholesale eyelash vendors

Therefore, next, we will discuss the best mink eyelashes.

Third, the best mink eyelashes

So first, we should judge what is the best mink eyelashes on the market.

The best mink eyelashes are all made of 100% real mink skin, which can be sharpened instead of broken. All mink skins are young mink long mink skins, soft, long, fluffy and gorgeous.
In addition, the best mink eyelashes are safe eyelashes, if the craftsmanship is different from poor eyelashes.

Then there is the style of luxury mink eyelashes. We can also call it the structure of eyelashes or the design of luxury mink lashes. This artwork can only be completed by unique designers.

Most mink eyelashes are imitations, not unique, and have not been tested in the real mink eyelashes market.

20mm mink lashes wholesale
20mm mink lashes wholesale

Fourth about the material of mink eyelashes

We can divide eyelashes into three types of mink eyelashes.

  1. Artificial mink eyelashes or mink false eyelashes
    Artificial mink eyelashes are made of special materials, not real mink skin, and very similar to mink skin. So many people have no idea about real mink eyelashes and artificial mink eyelashes.
    This artificial mink eyelashes are much cheaper than real mink eyelashes. Most people cannot distinguish them easily. If you want to know how to distinguish them easily, you can burn them and smell very harsh.
    Second, real mink eyelashes and mink fur eyelashes

The material is real mink fur, real mink eyelashes are the best eyelashes on the market, and most girls like them. Real mink eyelashes are very soft and very light. And real mink eyelashes are very shiny

Therefore, many eyelash suppliers want to do business with luxurious mink eyelashes.

mink lashes wholesale vendors
mink lashes wholesale vendors

Fifth What are mink eyelash strips made of?

One, eyelash band

The eyelash brand is made of cotton, which is soft and stretchable. Our lash band is black because the black cotton thread is stronger.

Second, mink

All mink eyelashes are made of real mink fur, but some lash vendors wholesale in the United States do not know the difference between them.
Some wholesale eyelash suppliers will tell them that artificial mink eyelashes are real mink eyelashes.
In fact, there are still obvious differences between the two, so if you want to buy eyelashes, you must distinguish them.
Of course, if you want to know more details about eyelashes, please contact us, because we are the best eyelash vendors wholesale , we will provide you with the best service and best quality eyelashes.

mink eyelashes wholesale 20mm lashes
mink eyelashes wholesale 20mm lashes
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