What Is The Best 3D Mink Lashes?

We will use four tips to tell customers how to distinguish 16mm lashes mink eyelashes. Most of them said that this is a simple and effective way to distinguish the best mink eyelashes, so only by distinguishing the bad 3d mink eyelashes from the best 16mm lashes mink eyelashes, can we truly understand the best characteristics of mink fur eyelashes.

16MM Lashes

First: About materials for 16mm lashes mink eyelashes
If you want to order the best mink strip eyelashes, you should make sure that the material is the best mink skin.

What is the best mink fur? The best mink skin must be the tail of the young mink, and the back of the mink’s neck is long, soft and fluffy. All our eyelashes mink skins are selected by skilled technicians. All mink skins are pasteurized to ensure the safety of eyelashes, so our eyelashes will not be dazzled by the eyes, sensitive people and pregnant women can Wear them with confidence.

16mm lashes mink eyelashes

Second: Mink lash Band.
What material is the strap made of? This is the core of comfort. If your supplier uses poor materials to save the cost of mink eyelashes, it will bring a bad consumer experience. And all the materials have been tested by our technicians many times to make the perfect shape and experience. Therefore, if your customer says that wearing eyelashes is uncomfortable or the eyes are tired, you should ask a wholesale mink lashes wholesaler to change the material of the strap. Otherwise, you will eventually lose customers. This is the case.

16mm lashes mink eyelashes

Third: Mink eyelash glue.

Make sure your eyelash glue is the best glue that is not harmful to your skin, and make sure that the glue has a moderate viscosity.

Fourth: Mink eyelash style.

You should test your eyelash style on the market, and most eyelash suppliers are not testing the market, we have our marketing team to ensure that all the eyelashes we launch on the market can meet customer needs. Hot selling products, we focus on best-selling products and luxury eyelashes to ensure that mainstream products like our eyelashes.

16mm lashes mink eyelashes

Fifth: About mink eyelash price

Most 3D Mink whip suppliers do not consider the retail price and profit margin of their partners. On the contrary, when they see the partner ’s website and retail price, they will be dissatisfied. Moreover, when you place an order, they will increase the price. It is very unwise to do so, and they do n’t even know the marketing costs of the partners.

So dear, only know how to choose eyelashes will not be deceived, can you correctly identify what is the best quality eyelashes, I hope our blog can help you.

We are the most professional eyelash team from Evanna Lashes. Hope to continue to follow us.

16mm lashes

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