About Eyelash Washer Machine How To Use?

Instructions For Use Of Eyelash Washing Machine

Every beauty knows what is more annoying than washing beauty blenders or makeup brushes? No! So imagine how excited we are when a simple solution pops up on our Instagram
The potential solution caused an uproar in the beauty industry when beauty blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis published her genius idea of ​​using a child’s toy mini eyelash washing machine as a beauty blender cleaner. Obviously, we have to try to see if its magic is as good as they seem, especially when the mini eyelash washing machine is only $9 on Amazon. And when we only need 4 dollars here, each of us is wondering if it is really worth the price. So this is our comment on using children’s mini eyelash washing machine to clean makeup sponges and brushes.

wholesale Eyelash Washing Machine

How it works about the eyelash washer:
Pour water into the lash washing machine, do not fill it completely, or it will overflow! Add a few strands of liquid soap. You can use anything from face wash (expensive) to hand wash (not super effective) to lotion (effective but not gentle on the skin).

 Electric Mini Washing Machine

According to the makeup formula immersed in the makeup sponge, we got different results. After a few minutes, this small lash washer machine can remove powder formulations and light foundations, but on mixers with foundations, contours and powdery buildup layers, the washing machine’s function is not enough to remove all stains.

Eyelash Washer Machine

We try to use different detergents to understand which is the best and most effective.

Hand sanitizer: It took a long time to clean our blender! We had to let it run for two minutes, then change the water and let it run again. Finally, we rinse in water to ensure that no soap remains. Total cleaning time: 6 minutes.

Facial cleanser: We use gel cleanser. Compared with hand sanitizer, it can decompose oil and cosmetics more effectively, but it still takes a long time to clean. We have to change the water once and then use clean water Rinse with clean water. Total cleaning time: 5 minutes.

Dishwashing liquid: Considering that this dishwashing liquid is designed to break down the grease on the pot, it can clean our blender the fastest and most effectively, but in order to ensure safe use on the face, we rinse it twice after washing . Total cleaning time: 5 minutes.

eyelashes washing machine eyelash clearner

Result: The most effective cleaning solution is the washing liquid, but you need to make sure to rinse it thoroughly to avoid soap irritation.

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